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Security Smart Locks Installation in Austin & Wimberley, TX

Xtreme Home Security offers smart locks that are innovative and highly advanced, creating a secure and convenient way to lock and unlock your doors. We recommend our smart locks to any homeowner who wants a simple way to assure safe visitor entry when you are away from your home in Austin, Wimberley, and other cities within our Texas service area. You can assign unique entry codes to neighbors or family members and monitor their actions, too. It's great for kids and for you since it means no more last-minute searching for your keys!

Obsidian Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt by Xtreme Home Security in Austin

If you want a sleek and secure smart lock installation, you will love the Obsidian Electronic Deadbolt. This touchscreen deadbolt is modern and stylish, giving any entry door style and appeal while offering top of the line security features.

Product Features

  • Keyless entry via SecureScreen touchscreen
  • Advanced security features that prevent code detection and unwarranted entry
  • Give visitors access to your home with custom user codes
  • Automatic door locks after 30 seconds
  • Code management to control access
  • Seamless integration with your home automation system
  • Backup power source
  • The most stylish smart lock on the market
Automated Keypad Smart Door Locks

Trust Xtreme Home Security for Smart Locks in Austin & Wimberley

Xtreme Home Security provides the best products and services to protect your home or office. We offer a wide range of home automation and security products that include smart lighting, voice control, garage door openers, smart scheduling, and more. Our security professionals can install and maintain a wide array of convenient and innovative products. Contact Xtreme Home Security online or give us a call at 512-229-9194 to learn about installing smart locks for your home in Austin & Wimberley, TX.