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Glass Break Detector Installation in Austin & Wimberley, TX

It is easy to miss the sound of glass breaking in another room when you are sleeping. By installing a glass break detector from Xtreme Home Security you will be notified immediately with a loud alarm signaling that glass has been broken at your property. Even better: such alarms typically scare away burglars and prevent them from entering your home or office in the middle of the night once the alarm sounds.

For customers in Austin, Wimberley, Round Rock, and other Texas cities that we serve, this much-needed security upgrade is a game-changer in terms of home and office security. To get your glass break detector, contact us online or give us a call at 512-229-9194. In addition to glass break detectors, our wide range of home security services includes 24/7 monitoring, security cameras, and more. We are an authorized dealer for customers throughout Texas.

Types of Glass Break Sensors Offered by Xtreme Home Security

Acoustic Sensor: It is a small, square device that looks like a smoke detector, and when mounted on the ceiling, becomes just as unnoticeable and dependable. A microphone inside the sensor can pick up on the unique auditory signature of glass breaking within 15 feet from any angle. Because of their range, they can be mounted on the wall or ceiling of a room and monitor more than one window at a time.

Shock Sensors: These glass break detectors work by detecting the physical vibrations of the window pane. The device attaches directly to the surface of the glass and sets off an alarm if it senses vibrations that match that of glass shattering. These types of detectors are usually wired instead of wireless. They're quite noticeable on the glass, which could show a potential burglar that the home is protected, but a simple sticker could do as much.

Glass Break Sensors By Xtreme Security

Benefits of Glass Break Detectors

  • Extra Layer of Protection: A glass break sensor as part of a complete home security system provides an extra layer of protection and redundancy for your other devices. It's that extra peace of mind that gives you confidence in the reliability of your system.
  • Covers Multiple Windows: It enables you to cover multiple windows at once and if placed strategically in the room, it can hear an intruder breaking in from more than one possible location.
  • Works in Conjunction with Other Sensors: Glass Break sensors can also be used in conjunction with motion sensors and door (ring doorbell) and window sensors to more accurately and dependably monitor your home for any security threats.
Glass Break Detectors
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In addition to Central Texas, we also serve Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and their surrounding communities as part of our statewide service area. For more information, call 512-229-9194.